Hi, My name is ...


 Hi! I'm Darci! The fun loving, energetic lead vocal of the band. My love is my kids and husband, and my passion is music. I am blessed to perform with my best friends and look forward to meeting those I fuel through music! Give me a beat... and let me sing! 


 Hey there friends, I'm Steve, the one lucky enough to back-up my gorgeous wife, Darci. I feed off of the energy she embodies in every show. My loves are my family and friends and my life's thrill is created with every beat of my drum. Let me play for you... you'll feel it too! 


 Hey, I'm Glenn. The reason the band is here today... but I won't boast of it. I originally started with drums at age 12 and I've played guitar for several cover bands spanning from Mass to Maine; until the stars aligned and I found my home with fellow musicians of other bands... here together, TrebleMaker! 


Hey everyone! I'm Steve, and I've been playing guitar since I was 13! I have been greatly influenced by every musician I've been privileged to played with. I've been in many bands and even shared the stage with Glenn in years past; now together again helping form the awesome rock band TrebleMaker. 


Hi, I am Tom. I love to make good music with good people. Success for me is playing and creating great energy and watching people connect with the awesome grooves that result. I've played in bands spanning from Vermont to Maine. I'm happy to be with the good people and great talent of TrebleMaker.